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The Key to Finding Affordable Dentures

October 28, 2020

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Dentures are one of the most popular ways to address extensive tooth loss. A well-made prosthetic looks good, restores a degree of chewing function, and has the potential to serve you well for years. However, some patients hesitate to get dentures because they are concerned about cost. Indeed, tooth replacement is a significant investment. But finding affordable dentures might be easier than you think! Choosing a small, local dental practice rather than a large chain could be the key to rebuilding your smile at a reasonable price. Let’s discuss why that is the case.

Every Patient Matters

Large corporate dental chains focus on efficiency. They may provide excellent treatment, but they often do not provide personalized treatment. Hence, you may find that the dental team simply carries out their work on your mouth and leaves without taking time to really get to know you.

At a smaller practice, you’ll find a more family-like atmosphere. As you visit the same team again and again, they’ll get to know all about you, your needs, and even your financial situation. They’ll thus be more likely to do everything in their power to help you afford the treatment you need, whether that means they have to assist you in applying for financing, explain complicated insurance terms, or take time to talk to you about the pros and cons of various treatment options.

Quality Counts

Private dental practices often bend over backward to show their patients time and again that they are committed to their oral health and satisfaction. Hence, the dentures you get from a local team might be of higher quality than what you could get from a large chain. They might last longer and thus prove to be a better investment.

Of course, it’s impossible to make any blanket statements about the quality of dentures from corporate dental chains. Some of them may be quite good. However, it is possible to say that local practices are more likely to think about the person who will be wearing the dentures and not just the dentures themselves.

More Flexibility

Corporate dental offices may have to abide by certain rules when it comes to pricing. While what they charge might vary by location, their prices might not always reflect an understanding of local economic circumstances. A privately owned practice is all about forging strong relationships and might therefore be more likely to consider the general economic situation of their patients when they are setting the prices for certain services, including dentures.

There are many factors you must take into account when you are choosing a dental practice to provide your dentures. However, if you opt for a local, private office rather than one that belongs to a large corporation, you are unlikely to regret your decision!

About Our Practice

Harrisonburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is a local, privately owned practice. Drs. Mario DeNicola, Monisha Khanna, and Douglas Wright work together to provide personalized, reasonably priced care to our treasured family of patients. Among the many services our team offers are dentures, partial dentures, dental implants, and so much more. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you rebuild your smile, contact us at 540-908-3774.

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