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Advanced Technology

Enjoy Modern-Day Dentistry

Our practice is committed to stay on the cutting-edge of dental technology! With the latest tools, we can provide our patients with safer, faster, and more comfortable care. When you come to see us, you can trust that you’re experiencing the very best that dentistry has to offer.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Relaxed woman with eyes closedDoes going to the dentist make you feel nervous or afraid? If so, oral conscious sedation may be able to help you take the stress out of your dental care. Your dentist will simply prescribe you a pill to take about an hour before your appointment so that by the time you sit in the treatment chair, you’ll be physically and mentally relaxed. You’ll still be awake the entire time, but your appointment will fly by and you’ll likely have little to no memory of it afterwards.

Intraoral Cameras

Patient receiving intraoral photosEver wonder what your dentist sees whenever they look in your mouth? With an intraoral camera, we can show you! This small, camera-tipped wand can be comfortably maneuvered past the lips so that it captures high-resolution images of your teeth and gums. These images are instantly displayed on a large chairside monitor and  will not only make it easier for our team to catch dental problems, but they’ll also help you have a much better understanding of your dental health. This means you can make more confident and well-informed treatment decision!

Digital X-Rays

Panoramic dental x-raysWe can now diagnose potentially hidden dental problems even faster with our new digital X-ray machine. Compared to traditional X-rays, digital X-rays only take a fraction of the time to create images. They also don’t require toxic chemicals to do so they expose our patients to 90% LESS radiation as well. This technology enable us to provide more efficient care for our patients while also giving them peace of mind.

Galileos® Cone Beam Imaging

With this machine, we can create a fully digital 3D image of not only your teeth, but your jaw and head as well! This level of detail will enable us to better diagnose more complicated dental issues and personalize a patient’s dental implant placement procedure. Thanks to these images, we’re able to find the best possible place to locate the implants and also avoid sensitive nerves so that you will have a swift and easy recovery.

CEREC® Digital Impressions

CEREC teeth model constructionIf you’ve ever had a bite impression taken using dental putty, then we bet it wasn’t exactly your favorite experience. Dental putty is messy, tastes bad, and even causes many patients to gag. This is why we’ve upgraded to doing digital impressions for crowns with our CEREC system.

With the CEREC digital scanner, we can create a digital 3D image of your teeth in a matter of minutes, and the only thing patients will have to do is place your teeth on a small, handheld device. You’ll be able to see the image being created literally right in front of you.

Not only is this process much more comfortable, but it also creates a more accurate model of the teeth. Using this impression, we can make sure your dental restorations will look great, feel even better, and last longer.

Learn more about CEREC Technology